Fantastic Friday!

We’ve had some really good news! I’ve been awarded the Carer’s grant and so we will be going to Cayton Bay (lot’s of lovely reminiscing for me!) for a few days, staying in a mobile home. I shall of course be taking my camera with me, hopefully we’ll manage to fit in a day in Whitby (want to see the Abbey ruins) and I’ll take lot’s and lot’s of photos.


Hmm. That wine looks like a bottle of white zinfandel.

We are both really really excited. Its ages ago since we had a holiday and stayed in a mobile home.



Sorry I haven’t been posting to my blog, been rather busy with other things.

Sausage less Sunday.

This week to spare my readers having to endure the pain of having to read through my usual load of drivel, or worse, my rants and raves about the most mundane subjects I can come up with, I intend to have a ‘picture a day’ week instead. Prompted by the fact that I shall hopefully be rather busy with something else this week,  this idea is to save me the bother of racking my brains trying to find something entertaining to post about, or wandering out the flat in order to hopefully have some exciting incident occur right in front of my eyes, or be involved in some awe inspiring adventure to keep my two readers glued to reading this blog. Each picture will either consist of a photograph taken of some feature of that particular day that hopefully sums the day up without any extra text having to be applied in order to explain it. You’ll get the picture I hope. (pun intended.)

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