A Blustery Day


As usual, today was our big shop and after K had managed to prise herself out of bed and shower (at 9.00 am, all of three hours after me!) we donned our hats and coats, grabbed our usual assortment of shopping bags and then exited the flat.

Off out shopping

Hmm, seems a trifle windy out here, thought I as we set off. What an understatement!  At times it became hard to keep your feet, and I laughed when K said to me

“Here Mum, get hold of me, I’ll hold you down!” Open-mouthed  Seems that besides being a GP, an Actress and a Masseur, she is now taking on the role of Anchor woman as well! Eye-rolling

So we were bowled down to Tesco’s (wind mainly behind us thank goodness!) and arrived there courtesy of the following wind in fairly good time and just before the rain began.

A quickish shop, where we also purchased the Blue Ray version of Wall E as a sort of après Christmas treat for both of us.  On arrival at the ‘auto’ check out, K took the role of t Scanner and I was the packer, then a return home via taxi followed by another scanning session of all our purchases, K taking the role as she always does of assistant putter away and sider upper whilst I did the actual scanning. 

I reluctantly leave the building

Following that,  I made the dinner and while I was dishing it out, K was informing me what she intended to have for her tea!  She always does this!  We hadn’t even sat down to eat as I was in the process of dishing up the chicken and vegetables when I heard the usual “I’m having some of that soup for my tea!”

“K, let’s get this eaten first!” replied I. It’s a wonder that she doesn’t inform me of her intended meals for the whole week! ( I had better not let her read this, or it might give her ideas!)  Life for K is just one big lurch from one meal to the next!

The horrid wind seems to have died down somewhat this afternoon, its the next type of weather that I dislike besides rain.  Mainly I suppose because when I was a young girl, it once lifted me off the ground and although I remember that I did manage to remain on my feet when it happened,  ever since then I have not been terribly keen on having to be out in it when its really windy.

So  that’s all for now folks, do  keep reading and blogging won’t you?  Open-mouthed


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One of those Days!

Today began okay.  K and I had a shower (not together of course!) and then donned our jogging suits and our trainers and exited the flat for our exercise class at 11.30am.  It was quite a pleasant walk down. It was a little bit warmer than of late, the sun was shining, and everything seemed good with the world.

Did our exercises.  The trainer was a little bit more gentle with the regime today supposedly because this class was the first one after the big binge, with the result that we didn’t work up all that much of a sweat.  After the class, I went to collect some of my tablets from the Doctors (conveniently situated in the next building down from where our exercise class is held) then we decided to hop on a bus to Bradford to book our tickets for a day out on the Leeds/Carlisle railway under the current ‘Winter Offers’ being run by Metro.  The folks who run the exercise classes have asked members to join them on a trip taking place on Saturday the 17th costing just £8.00p using your Metro card, and as this is one of those train journeys I have always wanted to make then naturally I want to go.

K on the exercise bike

Before we embarked on the bus however, I had been feeling a little bit ‘shaky’, I call these my ‘shaky’ do’s, and tend to get them about 11.00am time or thereabouts in a morning.   According to Doctor K (my Down’s Syndrome daughter who you will notice has many roles in her repertoire!)  its my blood sugar level that is low and I must partake of something sugary in order to combat it.  So promptly taking Doc K’s advice, I bought some fruit jellies and some of my favourite Australian liquorice in the Chemists whilst I waited for my prescription to be made up.  Now the big problem that I have is that I have only to get some Liquorice in my hands and next minute its all devoured.  Mind you its a wonder I managed to eat any at all, as I had to ask  one of the assistants to open the packet for me to get at the blasted things!  So that should have been an omen and warning that I really shouldn’t be eating them!

To follow that, during the journey to Bradford on the bus, we shared the jelly fruits between us.  (Well it was past dinner time and we were both peckish!)  By the time we reached the Interchange I was feeling decidedly nauseous, as I often do when eating such sugary treats.  Why do I keep forgetting this?   Why didn’t I just have one or two?  Serves you bloomin’ well right I told myself on finally reaching Bradford.

Then we had our next disappointment. Tried buying the tickets for the day out on the Leeds/Carlisle route  and we were informed that you couldn’t use your Metro cards (which enable this particular offer) on a Saturday!   So I will have to check back with the Crew guys to see if they know about this.  Hmm.

Me looking terrified! And  so onwards to buy some DVD+RW discs from PC World in the shopping Centre.  Doh!  I had forgotten that PC World is no longer there in the Forster Square shopping Centre!  Hadn’t we tried to buy something from there the last time we visited and found it was now closed?   So I had to go scouting around Comet (who didn’t stock my favourites which are Verbatim) followed by Curry’s which thankfully had some in although not the usual ones I use, they only had some DVD-RW so I do hope they work okay with my computer. (I can honestly never remember the ones that this computer will use.)

I was glad to finally get back home to be honest with you, I hate when I have a ‘fruitless’ day and nothing gets resolved or sorted.  Mind you, the usual had occurred whilst we had been out. There was a mountain of  post waiting for us behind the door, plus K’s latest t-shirt that she has nattered me to order for her from the Internet.  (remember how I had vowed not to buy her anymore t-shirts,  well that vow is out the window!)   She was lucky that our postman, who as many will recall is well known around these parts and knows everyone on the estate, had forced it through the letterbox in our absence.

To add to that,  everybody in the whole wide world (note: slight exaggeration here!) had rung us as well in our absence!  Honestly, we never get any calls whilst actually being present to answer them, they always call either when we are out, or on the toilet or in the shower, thereby explaining why we ended up owning an answer machine!  Luckily one caller had left a message so that I could get in touch.

So what a day!  Exercise, followed by stuffing my face, feeling queasy, no train tickets and no day out, wrong DVD discs, its no wonder I am always reluctant to venture out the door!

TG  Disappointed


What a Week so far!


It’s been a very up and down week for me this week, I am now functioning at dead slow speed, both mentally and physically, and I just wish that they would hurry with the results of my blood test.  Quite what I shall do if it comes back saying my thyroid is running okay I haven’t a clue!

On Tuesday following my visit to the doctor’s to have blood taken, I did some shopping.  K had requested a sandwich from her favourite sandwich shop in town.  I bought and paid for the sandwich.  On my return home whilst siding the shopping, I couldn’t find the sandwich.  Yes you have guessed it, I had left it in the shop on top of the counter.

Luckily the staff there have become friends over the years, and so as soon as we entered the shop today, they asked me about leaving the sandwich and then compensated us by deducting the price of the abandoned sandwich from today’s purchases.  Its just a good job that K and I are so well known around here, and especially in my case, compensations made for my lousy working (non existent at the moment) brain.

Now which cards are K's? Can you guess? We ended up buying some more Christmas cards, me because I have realised that there won’t be enough for me to send of those remaining from last year, and K because she likes to have her own box of cards to send.  I am enclosing some pictures of the boxes of cards that we purchased and no prizes for guessing who’s is who’s.

I do like and prefer the glitter covered Christmas cards, and I always try and send those if they are  available. I think the glitter and ‘sparkle’ adds to the Christmas spirit somehow.

We missed attending our Exercise class last week because of the rotten weather, and today we had donned our exercise outfits all in preparation for a good work out, only to find that it had been postponed because there was a Special Needs Bazaar taking place in the room where the class is held.  So another one missed!  Mind you, how I would have faired doing a work out I can’t imagine, as I am nearly asleep at the keyboard now!

TG Sleepy  Take Care won’t you?

A dank, dark and dismal day!


Today, well this morning actually, we ventured out (me very reluctantly) in weather that I tend to refer to as ‘Wuthering Heights’ weather, windy, gusty, rain squalls, etc.  Just to cheer myself up a bit I took the camera along even though we were only going down to just do some shopping at Tesco’s.

Took a few panoramic pictures of the park which I should really have taken the other day when it was sunnier.  The trees are now really shedding their leaves, the ground was covered with them, and K and I ended up with very muddy shoes as the park was like a quagmire, made worse no doubt by the fact that it doubles up as a football pitch for the local teams.

K practices her vaulting.

It was like walking in a bog in some areas, and made me regret taking that route through from the tennis courts entrance.  K plodded on behind me trying to negotiate the best route through all the mud.  She also had another practice at vaulting over the log for the video we intend to create sometime in the future.  We didn’t need all that much shopping and were soon exiting Tesco’s and making our way to the bus station.  On the way there K bought herself a steak pasty for her tea from Greggs.  She loves them and when she warmed it up this teatime it smelt wonderful!  I can’t have anything like that, worse luck!  I sat down to a salad instead!  No wonder I am wilting with all the lettuce leaves I eat!

So, a horrible day weather wise, dank, dark, dismal, dreary, depressing, daunting, drab, and I am glad to be indoors!  We are off to the hairdressers tomorrow, just for a wash,cut and blow dry, although in my case, I probably won’t be having much cut off, it is still very short from my last visit.

Keep cosy and keep warm won’t you? 

TG  Sad


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Quest for the Dressing Gown…a successful conclusion at last!


All of my readers who read this blog will no doubt remember K and I tearing around West Yorkshire (well bit of a overstatement I know but it felt like that at the time and anyway, I always exaggerate!) searching for a larger size of the dressing gown that I bought my Grand Nephew last year?  (Unfortunately I am not able to refresh your memories via a link to the relevant post as LJ won’t allow Windows Live Writer to use links to your previous posts, and Windows Live Spaces only allows links to the last 20 previous posts and as the blog in question is much earlier than 20 posts ago, you will have to just trawl through to find it, sorry!)  Disappointed

Remember how we searched every Mothercare shop within a 50 mile radius for said dressing gown (told you I exaggerated didn’t I?) and were unsuccessful in finding it?  Well when my niece paid us a visit last Friday she informed me that we hadn’t purchased it from Mothercare after all, it was in fact bought from Boots! (No wonder we couldn’t find it in Mothercare then, we would have been searching forever for it and so would the helpful Mothercare staff!) Eye-rolling 

Down towards the cat steps Quite why I had assumed that we had purchased it from Mothercare I haven’t a clue although none of you will be surprised at this mix up of vendors in my memory as you should all be perfectly well aware by now that as far as recollection and memory go, mine is far from reliable!  Besides which in my lousy memory’s defence, we had bought it from Foster Square Shopping Centre which contains both a Boots and a Mothercare store, so I have concluded that it was an easy mistake to make on my part. Open-mouthed 

So yesterday K and I set off to Huddersfield in order to purchase the dressing gown.  Huddersfield because my niece had stated that this is where she had spotted the dressing gown in question in that particular branch of Boots.  We walked down the cat steps to catch the bus and it was a very pleasant day weather wise, sunny, blue skies just perfect for a trip out.  On arriving at Huddersfield we began by having a quick peek in Dixons or as it is now called CurrysDigital, for a nosy at the latest AV equipment and then we made our way to Boots.

The Dressing Gown at last! The children’s clothing department is upstairs in this branch,  so we rode up the escalator and soon found the dressing gowns. Hmm. Not quite the same one I purchased for him before. The previous one was all blue and these were blue and white stripes! There were a few left of the all blue ones but they were not in the size that my niece had requested I buy. So we bought one of the blue and white striped ones instead. Then we continued to W.H.Smiths where we also purchased some ‘feely’ books as well for him to go with the dressing gown. I love these for small children!  I used to buy mine books like this when they were his age, as I think that its important to foster a love of books and reading early.  You can’t begin soon enough in my opinion!


Two 'feely' books, I love these! We were going to return on the train, but on reaching Huddersfield station and trying to buy our tickets, we were informed that they were only running buses from Huddersfield to B! Why I couldn’t quite fathom, as the lady in the ticket booth mentioned something about Bradford Interchange being closed which does go someway to explaining why we are currently having trains running through B to Blackpool North and York, although she said that they aren’t stopping there. Damn!  K and I had discussed having a day out to Blackpool in order to do some Xmas shopping!

To be quite honest with you I didn’t grasp any of her explanation as to why this prevented us from catching a train to B and why they were running buses instead, so we then had to retrace our steps to the bus station and catch a bus home.

so a successful dressing gown quest at last! Hurrah! That’s one Christmas present out of the way! 

TG  Open-mouthed

Three halves of Lager and a fall on the floor!


Our bus station.
Our bus station.

 I have not been blogging recently because I have been so busy with other things. Such as? Well K returned from respite complete with a suitcase full of washing, so I had that to plough through (not ironed yet as I had only just done a load of ironing just before her return, once in a week is enough for me thank you! I hate ironing so it will have to wait until I am in the mood!) smile_sad

Anyways, what’s with the title I hear you ask, did you become inebriated?  Did you go on a bender celebrating K’s return?  No, it isn’t actually referring to me or K for that matter. Let me explain. I was supposed to go shopping yesterday morning more or less straight after K had exited to the day care centre, but as we needed to buy quite a few items ( Yes, she’s back with her lists!) I could envisage me having some problems carrying it all home, so K told me to leave the shopping until she returned so that she could also carry some of it in her backpack.

So I then got on with other things until her return. We then went into town and did the shopping and we were on our way up to catch our bus when the incident that warrants the title occurred. Worried

An elderly lady walking up to the bus station on the opposite pavement to us fell on the floor. Of course without hesitation, K and I dashed over to help.  I tried to lift her up by myself as she didn’t look as if she weighed more than two penneth of copper, but I couldn’t manage,  so I had to ask K to hold the ladies other arm and we both then assisted her to her feet.

Immediately I could smell her breath. Hmm, she had obviously been drinking!  We both took an arm and I asked her which bus she needed to catch, intending to escort her to the relevant bus stop and we began walking in that direction.  At the top of the road she changed her mind.

Perhaps I had better take a taxi.” she said. Hmm, a wise decision in my opinion as she really was unsteady on her feet even with both of us holding her arms.  So we promptly turned around and walked her the other way in the direction of  the taxi office which is about 60 yards or so from the bus station.  We escorted her there and then saw her safely into the taxi. Auto

I can’t understand it.” she said, “I’ve only had three halves of lager, and I am used to drinking. I have never felt like this before.” Hmm.  She was quite small and thin, so I ventured an explanation to her.

Have you had anything to eat today?” She replied that she hadn’t had any food. beer

Well that won’t help then.  It will have gone straight to your head!” said I.  She was adamant that she had never fallen down or been dizzy before and that the only drink that she had consumed was three halves of lager. I was very sceptical about this myself but then I do tend to be a very sceptical person.

Once we had seen her safely into the taxi we then had to speedily retrace our steps back to the bus station, hopefully before our bus left.  As luck would have it we hadn’t missed it, as by this time in the afternoon it was becoming quite cold, and I absolutely hate standing around waiting for a bus in the cold.

So, what do you think?  She was about 70 years old at a guess, certainly older than I am and very scrawny in build.  She was only small in height as well. Could she have really only had three halves of lager?  As for our good deed, I always go and help anyone I see in difficulty. You never know when it might happen to you and the tables be turned and you need assistance. I do it without thinking about it and always have done, and I have brought my children up to do the same.

Well I am off now to play some Fable 2. Yes, I have my mitts on it at last. I will probably post later with some pictures of my heroine in the game and some photos of Albion and the game itself.  Its wonderful to have something to play at last!  Mind you, this Friday Fallout 3 is also out so then I will have to make a decision as to  which one to devote my time to. This after having absolutely zilch to play all year practically! 

TG  Surprised  Keep blogging won’t you?


Been Spending Again!


K and I have been out spending again!  Two new long sleeved t-shirts apiece from Matalan, plus another pack of socks, black for me and white for K, and she also purchased some ‘skinny rib’ polo neck jumpers in grey and black just like the ones that I bought on Monday!  I did ask her when I bought mine if she wanted some, but she declined, however when she saw me try mine on at home she promptly changed her mind, and so we have had to make a return trip today.

As it felt quite nippy in the wind this morning, we (being the air on the safe side types) donned our sheepskin coats for our shopping outing.  By the time we arrived at Matalan the wind had calmed, the sun was shining, and we were overheating rapidly!  Tell you, we are getting summers weather now, and winters weather in summer, its all change!

Some t-shirts and some socks My eldest grandson’s Mum works in Matalan and she very kindly got a discount for us on our purchases.  I also had a chance to speak to my grandson as well as he works there on a Friday.  He has grown even taller since the last time I saw him in the flesh.  He doesn’t visit me much now he is a teen, he is far too preoccupied with his mates and his interests. He is a very handsome looking young man though, and greatly resembles the actor who played Peter in the film ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’.  He took quite a lot of ribbing about that resemblance at the time that the film came out.  Every time he sees me, he always says he will come over.  Big Grin     I keep in touch with him on Messenger and have promised to buy him a webcam for Xmas as he loves the funny effects that I can do with mine.

New Novel! Hope its good! Following that, we went up into town and visited W.H.Smith’s where I bought a new paperback to read.  Its a new author that I haven’t tried before (I am scraping about with my Crime novels at the moment, waiting for Simon Becketts new one to come out next year.) and if its a good read, then I shall probably buy the others in the series as well.  I love crime novels, especially when they are also about forensics.  I have become very interested in this subject as I have become older (don’t know why!) and I am currently really enjoying Silent Witness’ which is back on the BBC, and happens to be one of my favourite programs.

Then home, new purchases sided away, dinner made and devoured, followed by writing this blog.  Talking of dinner, K said on our way home as I was discussing the impending meal that she didn’t want any vegetables, but I convinced her of their worth and so she then changed her mind and had some broccoli and cauliflower.  Why is it that they always want to eat McDonalds stuff but not fruit and vegetables?  In this even K,  who absolutely adores her food, is no different to the rest of her generation.

Well, that’s all for now, I am off to begin reading my new novel.

TG  I dont know


Wet wet wet……blasted rain again!


Yesterday after taking one look outside the window, all thoughts of going out were instantly dismissed, and I spent yesterday doing mostly housework jobs and general tidying around the flat. K went off to day care in the morning, despite my insistence that I thought it wise not to go as she is full of cold at the moment.

Is this the same daughter who myself and her social worker have spent the last two years begging and pleading to  attend Day Care and who flatly refused to entertain the notion?  Now she is not going to miss a day’s attendance no matter what!  Illness, rain, snow, hail, hurricane, nothing will keep her from her day care! What a turnaround! Surprised

So back now to today.  Well it was still throwing it down this morning, but this time I had very little choice in the matter as we needed some food for today’s dinner and additionally daughters ‘must have’s or my life will end items ’ were quickly piling up on the shopping list.  So after she had left and I had made a quick sprint outside with my paper refuse bag and K’s empty Alco pop’s bottles for the Recycle Refuse guys, who put in a sudden appearance just as K had left, and who always seem to catch me on the hop these days, I then steeled myself for the journey and set off.

Shopping list for today. By the time I reached town I was absolutely soaked. Into Sainsbury’s, carefully consulting the shopping list written by K. I didn’t miss anything, but by the time I reached the checkout, the basket was really heavy. The lady in front  of me couldn’t find her cash card, her little girl must have put it somewhere she confessed. Could her shopping be kept somewhere whilst she went home to search for it?  The little girl in question was with her. She looked about three years old. Hmm, none of my business I know, but who in their right mind let’s their three year old have their credit card to play with?? Surprised

So through the checkout, rushed to the paper shop for a lottery ticket (don’t know why I keep bothering with this, as even if I was the only one playing I wouldn’t win) then checked the cashpoint and got some cash out, dashed up the main street just as it was beginning to pour down again, bumped into someone who used to live next door and who is going in hospital tomorrow and obviously needed to let me know this despite the fact that we were both stood in the pouring rain, sprinted up to the bus station with bag now feeling as if it weighed an absolute ton!  Blast and damn!  Just missed our bus that drops you off outside our flat so I quickly changed tack and ran for the other one which entails a walk through the estate.

By the time I unlocked the door, I really was akin to a drowned rat. Not only that, the bag was so heavy to carry that it had set off my backache again.  Grrr!  My face probably resembled thunder!  I am going to have to partake of a serious talk with my daughter about this!  When I am going shopping alone then items which are not deemed essential will have to wait until we go together.  Or I shall end up looking like an Orang-utan with arms down to the floor and rounded ‘Quasimodo’ back!

Here is a transcript of the shopping list for anyone who can’t quite make it out complete with  translation by me of K’s writing.

Shopping List

cook oil                                                                   onarer Juice          (orange juice)

bum wipes (Andrex Moistened wipes)                      Hot cholalke         ( hot chocolate)

Dcaf coffer (decaffeinated coffee)                           Cholalke morse     (chocolate mousse)

2 dircks (2 drinks)

Spunchs  (bath sponges)




Cholocike milk

TV Guide

do not forget to go in A for Bottoms (This refers to the fact that my games supplier Adey has promised to lend her some Bottom DVD’s.)

cothsweets (cough sweets)

Tiches (tissues)

Beef stew a Dumplings

As stated previously before I don’t intend to  make fun of K as I love the way she is prepared to have a go at spelling any word she needs. So that’s my day so far! And of course as I finish this, the sun is shining and the blasted rain has stopped!

TG Sad

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A Successful Quest !

In direct contrast to Saturdays venture to buy the train tickets for our upcoming journey to visit my eldest son and his family, see  A Wasted Day… again! or the quest for the rail tickets. today was very successful despite the fact that I have returned home with rather more than I bargained for!  I didn’t hold out much hope of everything running smoothly though as we really did seem to have a lot of ‘must do’s’ and ‘have to’s’ incorporated into today’s outing but everything went according to plan!

Firstly we walked down to the doctors to leave a repeat prescription for my tablets, then we ventured into the Post Office where I returned a parcel via special delivery to Play.com, who had sent me two copies of ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ by mistake, and they have promised to reimburse me for the cost of the return.

Our station platform Then a swift walk to the station as we didn’t have much time before the Leeds train was due, which incidentally was accompanied by lots of grumbling and muttering under her breath from K as we went. (she hates when we have to walk fairly fast, keeps saying her legs are too short)  We arrived at the station just in time to catch the train to Leeds.  Arriving  at our destination, we then proceeded through the ticket stalls to the Travel Centre, joining the queue to book and pay for our tickets.   As it came to our turn, two of the staff promptly closed their positions! (Obviously they had heard all about us!) but we were soon attended to by another member of staff who was obviously of much stronger constitution than her male colleagues!  

I had taken a printout of the Leeds/Carlisle/Glasgow route with me to show whoever was dealing with us (see, on the ball for once today with brain functioning at near full capacity!) but the girl informed me that although she could book that route if I insisted,  it was much slower and in addition, if we missed our connection in Carlisle we would have ages to wait for the next one as they were fairly infrequent.  So I accepted her superior knowledge on the subject and  we are now going via York both on the journey up and the one coming back.  The total cost came to £70.00 which isn’t too bad in my opinion.  Also our seats are reserved on all trains both outbound and return which then guarantees us a seat.

Leeds station from the train. By this time it was about 12.00 or thereabouts and we decided return via Huddersfield and have another search for a larger crossover style bag for me in Marks and Sparks.  A quick lunch in MickyD’s (I  must remember to take out some shares in McDonalds as K and I seem to be spending quite a fair amount of time in there lately!)  I had my usual Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and a tea, and K had a Chicken Legend with potato wedges instead of chips accompanied by her usual Still Fanta Orange with no ice. 

Then onward to Marks and Spencer’s to have a look at their crossover bags.  They were very nice but a trifle too small for my liking, nor did they have a lot of separate compartments inside either ( a big plus with me) so we decided to take a look in British Home Stores.  It was here that I found a fairly roomy crossover bag which was just up my street, and also obtained a new addition to our family!   When we went to the desk to pay for the bag, the assistant informed me that I could have one of the cuddly toys that were randomly scattered all around the store for a special price, as I had spent over £10.00, so meet teddy!   He has his own passport (no good ending up living with us two then as we have never been abroad and have no intentions of going anytime in the near future thereby rendering his passport obsolete!)

Can you see his passport? I can’t think of a name for him at the moment, K suggested ‘Spike’ because his hair is stuck up according to her.  Oh, and she won’t want him, she doesn’t like cuddly toys full stop!  I have ended up with the tiger that I bought for her because every time I went into her bedroom, he had been thrown onto the floor and I felt so sorry for him that he now resides on my bed.  So, a new addition to our already overcrowded flat!  He is cute though, they all had different coloured scarves on and I preferred the cream coloured one.  Mind you I have to confess that once outside the shop, he ended up being stuffed roughly into K’s backpack with K and myself looking round furtively just to make sure we wouldn’t be accosted by the ‘Cruelty to Teddy Bears’ association.

Then back home on the bus, a couple of hours to catch our breaths, then into track suits and off out again to our exercise class.  K had forgotten most of the exercises and ended up the session by making everyone laugh as she sang to to the music using a weight in her hand as a pretend microphone.  So after a tiring but fruitful day I am just enjoying a nice hot cuppa that K has made for me whilst finishing off this blog.  A most successful quest all in all,  with much accomplished I think.

So that’s all for now, keep blogging and reading!  TG  smile_yawn

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A Wasted Day… again! or the quest for the rail tickets.

As we really need to get the tickets booked and paid for our intended visit to my eldest son and his family, we set off yesterday morning to Leeds solely with this purpose in mind. Now do remember dear blog readers, that my mind (CPU) is now reduced to running at approximately 20% capacity, and although it hasn’t thankfully suffered a crash yet, it is in very obvious need of a reformat in order to get rid of the dross contained therein and to produce a more efficient retention rate.

Anyway, after K had eventually risen we set off to our local railway station for the journey to Leeds.  It was quite warm so of course we were dressed in our sweat inducing raincoats which we wore ‘just in case.’ because if you make the mistake  of leaving your raincoat at home, you can more or less guarantee it will pour down!

The girl now standing on platform 1 is the......

On arriving at Leeds, we proceeded immediately to the travel centre and were just about to join the queue when addled brain mother (moi) realised that I had forgotten to bring with me K’s disabled pass!  Doh!  So we then had to do a rethink.  What now?  This was now a failed quest.  Should we go straight back home on the next train?  Or take advantage of the gorgeous weather and extend our day?  So we decided to go to Forster Square in search of a cross shoulder bag for me and at the same time do a check in Mothercare to see whether or not they now had the dressing gown that we intend buying for Oscar my grand nephew.

Laugh it up Fuzzball! K laughing at my stupidity! The Forster Square train was in, so we hopped on and soon arrived at Forster Square. Then followed a fruitless search for the dressing gown in the Mothercare store, followed by visits to TKmax, Clarks and some other stores for my bag with no success.   As often occurs when we are searching for something for me,  it was K who ended up with a purchase as she found her ‘cheeky monkey’ pajamas that she wanted and the matching dressing gown, so at least she was happy.  A quick lunch in MickyD’s, then we walked up to the Interchange.

We went into the ticket area and seeing as one of the assistants in the travel centre was free, I felt it might be advantageous to ask a few questions that I really needed answering about the journey to Glasgow, especially the fact that the quoted prices given on the Internet that I had obtained informed  you that you could only use the tickets on the stated trains and no other.

"What happens if one of your trains is late and you miss your connection?" I asked.  But she reassured me that as long as it wasn’t your fault that you had missed the stated train, you could use the tickets on a subsequent one.  So that’s one worry out of the way then!   She asked me about the intended journey and in particular why Leeds as the starting station?  Did we live there?  Then she proceeded to run a check based on setting off from Bradford, well Forster Square actually, just to check if it could be done any cheaper.  And yes!  She came up with an alternative route or as she referred to it ‘the scenic route’, which starts off at Forster Square, then changes at Shipley followed by Carlisle, then Carlisle to Glasgow, and all for less than the price of the Internet produced journey via York.

Forster Square sculptures Mind you, I have since tried to price this suggested journey up on the Internet and it quotes £100.00 which is quite a long way off her quote of £58.80!  meaning that I will have to check all this out on Monday.  So we have had to postpone buying the tickets until then and K states that she will remind me NOT to forget to take her disabled train pass with me this time.  When things like this happen I tend to get that sneaky feeling that maybe we are not meant to go.  Why not pay for the tickets online I hear you cry.  Well yes, I suppose that I could do this, but I prefer to actually pay for them ‘in reality’ so to speak so that I can then address any queries that I might have about the journey.

We eventually ended up in Halifax where at last I found a bag.  Its obviously not as big and roomy as my usual shoulder bags, so I won’t be able to stuff  everything but the kitchen sink inside, in fact I haven’t yet checked to see if my purse will fit in it (I am very particular about my purses and despite never having much money, they must be very large, contain lots of slots for cards, have some method or way of allowing me to attach my keys so that I don’t lose them, plus a zip part for small change!)

We then completed our failed quest on the bus.  By the time we arrived home, I was exhausted and tired.  K busied herself taking pictures of her new jamas and dressing gown, which she tends to do every time she buys anything new, leaving all the tags on the kitchen worktop in the process.  Sister called later for a natter and then I rounded off a frustrating day with an early night.

So a repeat performance on Monday and all because of my stupid brain function!  When oh when will they begin doing brain transplants?  I will no doubt be beggared before I reach the exercise class in the evening and do remember that in between all of this wandering around West Yorkshire, I have to somehow cram in my new exercises as well.  You would think that with all this activity, I would sleep like a log wouldn’t you?  Wrong!  I was awake this morning at 4.30am, so I have used the time to compose this post.  I just hope its not too boring for you,

See you soon, and keep blogging!  TG   Sigh