A ‘Themed’ Day.

I would imagine that everyone gets a ‘themed’ day from time to time. By themed I mean that the day has similar occurrences happening more than once. Friday was a ‘Break’ themed day. So much so that I ended up hoping I didn’t fall over. It began innocently enough.  As Fridays usually begin as a matter of fact. I did the usual and got out of bed. That’s always a good start to the day I find.  Following that, I got showered and dressed. Again, nothing unusual there unless your a cat of course.  We had to go out as K was off to Yoga class.

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Our new addition settles in…

My last post was all about the treats I received on Saturday. One of those treats was a worried looking Meerkat. Now christened Manky. (don’t ask!)  He has spent the last few days trying to escape via one method or another. All to no avail. I am a Mum don’t forget and as my children will quickly inform anyone who cares to listen, I have eyes in the back of my head. Here in pictures are his escape attempts and a family portrait taken as he settles in to our humble abode.

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Saturday Spending Spree.

Been out on a shopping trip this morning to Huddersfield. Not a venue I usually frequent but it was K’s idea. We SHOULD have been travelling in peace and tranquillity down the canal at Mirfield on a narrowboat with C.R.E.W. Instead, we were dodging and manoeuvring our way into and out of different shops spending our limited income on various items that are totally unnecessary. I would much rather have gone on the canal trip but K was insistent. According to her the new Argos catalogue was out today, and we simply HAD to go and get our mitts on a copy. Not only that, but the new camera I have promised her has been reduced to under £80 she informed me last night. Several times. Seeing as she is in respite for her birthday next week I have to buy it her right now.

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A Snails Tail.


Every time I went out to the dustbin area where we stash our recycle refuse, I kept wondering why I seemed to be getting an accumulation of snails hanging out there. Walking up the walls, lounging in the plastic bottle bag, waiting patiently in the glass and tin container box, and even residing inside the green newspapers and cardboard bag.  What was it about my particular dustbin area that seemed to encourage them to head there? 

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A Wasted Day… again! or the quest for the rail tickets.

As we really need to get the tickets booked and paid for our intended visit to my eldest son and his family, we set off yesterday morning to Leeds solely with this purpose in mind. Now do remember dear blog readers, that my mind (CPU) is now reduced to running at approximately 20% capacity, and although it hasn’t thankfully suffered a crash yet, it is in very obvious need of a reformat in order to get rid of the dross contained therein and to produce a more efficient retention rate.

Anyway, after K had eventually risen we set off to our local railway station for the journey to Leeds.  It was quite warm so of course we were dressed in our sweat inducing raincoats which we wore ‘just in case.’ because if you make the mistake  of leaving your raincoat at home, you can more or less guarantee it will pour down!

The girl now standing on platform 1 is the......

On arriving at Leeds, we proceeded immediately to the travel centre and were just about to join the queue when addled brain mother (moi) realised that I had forgotten to bring with me K’s disabled pass!  Doh!  So we then had to do a rethink.  What now?  This was now a failed quest.  Should we go straight back home on the next train?  Or take advantage of the gorgeous weather and extend our day?  So we decided to go to Forster Square in search of a cross shoulder bag for me and at the same time do a check in Mothercare to see whether or not they now had the dressing gown that we intend buying for Oscar my grand nephew.

Laugh it up Fuzzball! K laughing at my stupidity! The Forster Square train was in, so we hopped on and soon arrived at Forster Square. Then followed a fruitless search for the dressing gown in the Mothercare store, followed by visits to TKmax, Clarks and some other stores for my bag with no success.   As often occurs when we are searching for something for me,  it was K who ended up with a purchase as she found her ‘cheeky monkey’ pajamas that she wanted and the matching dressing gown, so at least she was happy.  A quick lunch in MickyD’s, then we walked up to the Interchange.

We went into the ticket area and seeing as one of the assistants in the travel centre was free, I felt it might be advantageous to ask a few questions that I really needed answering about the journey to Glasgow, especially the fact that the quoted prices given on the Internet that I had obtained informed  you that you could only use the tickets on the stated trains and no other.

"What happens if one of your trains is late and you miss your connection?" I asked.  But she reassured me that as long as it wasn’t your fault that you had missed the stated train, you could use the tickets on a subsequent one.  So that’s one worry out of the way then!   She asked me about the intended journey and in particular why Leeds as the starting station?  Did we live there?  Then she proceeded to run a check based on setting off from Bradford, well Forster Square actually, just to check if it could be done any cheaper.  And yes!  She came up with an alternative route or as she referred to it ‘the scenic route’, which starts off at Forster Square, then changes at Shipley followed by Carlisle, then Carlisle to Glasgow, and all for less than the price of the Internet produced journey via York.

Forster Square sculptures Mind you, I have since tried to price this suggested journey up on the Internet and it quotes £100.00 which is quite a long way off her quote of £58.80!  meaning that I will have to check all this out on Monday.  So we have had to postpone buying the tickets until then and K states that she will remind me NOT to forget to take her disabled train pass with me this time.  When things like this happen I tend to get that sneaky feeling that maybe we are not meant to go.  Why not pay for the tickets online I hear you cry.  Well yes, I suppose that I could do this, but I prefer to actually pay for them ‘in reality’ so to speak so that I can then address any queries that I might have about the journey.

We eventually ended up in Halifax where at last I found a bag.  Its obviously not as big and roomy as my usual shoulder bags, so I won’t be able to stuff  everything but the kitchen sink inside, in fact I haven’t yet checked to see if my purse will fit in it (I am very particular about my purses and despite never having much money, they must be very large, contain lots of slots for cards, have some method or way of allowing me to attach my keys so that I don’t lose them, plus a zip part for small change!)

We then completed our failed quest on the bus.  By the time we arrived home, I was exhausted and tired.  K busied herself taking pictures of her new jamas and dressing gown, which she tends to do every time she buys anything new, leaving all the tags on the kitchen worktop in the process.  Sister called later for a natter and then I rounded off a frustrating day with an early night.

So a repeat performance on Monday and all because of my stupid brain function!  When oh when will they begin doing brain transplants?  I will no doubt be beggared before I reach the exercise class in the evening and do remember that in between all of this wandering around West Yorkshire, I have to somehow cram in my new exercises as well.  You would think that with all this activity, I would sleep like a log wouldn’t you?  Wrong!  I was awake this morning at 4.30am, so I have used the time to compose this post.  I just hope its not too boring for you,

See you soon, and keep blogging!  TG   Sigh