She’s back!

The boss arrived back at roughly 10.00am. She hadn’t even reached the top of the stairs before I was handed a list of ‘things to order from Amazon’  I don't know smile 

First stop was the letter rack to open all of her birthday cards. Some contained money. She asked me what the total amount was.  Then she jotted down the price of all items on her Amazon list. Did she have enough to cover everything? Just about. I was then pestered ruthlessly until I went online and ordered them all.  All I will say is this. We need a bigger flat.

Here are the items in no particular order. (No pun intended.)

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I’m all plumbed out……


Those readers of mine who have known me for quite some time and are well aware of my luck might have all guessed by now that my enforced stint of waiting around yesterday for a plumber to arrive to fix the shower head holder ended up being a wasted day. Eventually at 4.30pm I rang the repair office to ask where this expected plumber had disappeared to.

“Sorry, Mrs L, somehow you have been missed from the list of people to contact, he has rung in today sick, can I make another appointment with you?”

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A trip back to the sixties

These last few days I’ve been transported back to the 60’s. A nostalgic trip back in time that has ended up with me spending a stupid amount of money and also ending up with my  ‘going off’ someone who I used to be crazy about.  It began as it usually does with me surfing the Internet looking for something entirely different. Either that, or I planned to do something else. A quick visit to YouTube, probably to set up my credentials or something, ended up with me listening to The Walker Brothers singing ‘Love Her.’

I was instantly transported to those heady days of ‘Ready Steady Go’ black and white TV, skin tight skirts, trousers and skinny rib jumpers, Mary Quant hairdo’s and my first crush on a pop star.

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