Supermarket Rules during Christmas.

In light of the upcoming chaos and mania that will no doubt ensue as we all attempt to do our shopping during the last few weeks before Christmas, I thought it was about time I did a Rules of Supermarket Shopping post.  Feel free to print it out and ask your local supermarket manager to consider enforcing it for the next two weeks or until some semblance of normality returns. Not only will this help to keep us all sane (and alive)  but also hopefully avoid any lost tempers and screaming tantrums.

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A Ramble around our Estate.

I’ve been on a ramble this morning. (Anything to get out of doing the boring housework.) Took me camera with me with the sole aim or capturing some of my favourite blossom trees (Oh no! Not some more blasted blossom trees! says my thoroughly bored of bloody blossom trees reader) Hey, I promise these are the very last one’s I will take, alright?

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