Stop Look and Listen!


DANGER! These can kill!

All of my fellow bus passengers and I were very nearly witnesses to a terrible accident yesterday. One which to be honest with you, I have been expecting to occur at any time. An accident in which the person concerned would only have had himself to blame. Not one of us on the bus would have blamed the driver. Its avoidance and the young man’s life being able to continue on today was purely down to the instant reflexes of our bus driver ramming on his brakes quickly enough to avoid hitting the young man, that most of us passengers very nearly hit our heads on the back of the seat in front. I personally heaved a sigh of relief as the young man gazed up at us all from his safety of the pavement as we continued on. I hoped he realised just how close he had been to disaster.

The cause of the near fatality? Earphones. Walking along, listening to whatever music he was engrossed in, he stepped out to cross the road unable to hear our approaching bus without nary a glance either right or left, and  he is so so lucky to still be enjoying life today.

The only thing that amazes me these days, is how few accidents actually occur to young people as they wander along unable to hear anything apart from their headphones, or see what’s in front of them as they gaze down intently at their mobile screens.

They have obviously all forgotten their green cross code….either that, or life no longer holds much meaning for them.  Sigh.


The Strange case of the Black Toe.

I do hope that none of you are eating whilst reading this blog. If so, you had better not read the rest of it until you have finished and it has all been thoroughly digested. You see, it includes some horrible pictures of one of my feet. Yes, thankfully you don’t have to suffer the sight of both of them.  I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Besides which I would then loose the only two readers I have.  I can just imagine that you are all wondering why I am featuring some pictures of one of my feet?  Have I finally flipped? Did I drop my camera whilst snapping something fantastic and it took a snap of my foot as it fell to the floor? 

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