Messing about on my blog.

Anyone paying a quick visit today on my WordPress blog could be forgiven for thinking that either they were seeing things or that they needed their eyes testing. It was neither of course, it was simply me doing my usual messing about changing to a  new theme which then needed a new header and background. I was supposed to be ploughing my way through some ironing, but somehow got waylaid into wasting most of my time searching on the internet for suitable backgrounds for this blog.

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Ironing Bored!



I don’t mind housework. That is apart from one job.  Ironing.  If there is any other task that exists more boring, mundane or downright demoralising, then I have yet to find it.  When I’m hoovering, dusting, hanging the washing out, making the beds, shopping, etc, I am moving around and  at least taking in some kind of change of scenery. Ironing, you just stand there. On the same spot. Ironing.

My ex husband (who never ever picked up the iron whilst married to me) irons watching the TV.  Mind you, he does most things whilst watching  the TV.  I suppose I could ‘lighten the load’ by doing the same.  Well, I can’t read a book whilst ironing can I?  How would I turn the pages over unless someone invented an ‘Ironing Book Holder?’ 

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