Jabber Day

My first visitor today was the District Nurse. Not one from my own practice and therefore a new and unfamiliar face. She had in tow a young Doctor no less who was obviously in training judging by the way he followed her up the stairs and listened intently to her detailed instructions as she performed her duties on me. After checking the dosage to give and informing me that if I wished, I could give my poor bruised abdomen a rest by having said injection given in my legs or in my arms, she proceeded to eject some contents from the syringe first in order to arrive at my particular dosage, and then injected me in a small vacant space on the right hand side where bruising had not yet had chance to appear.

Following that, she then took two empty phials, one pink and one brown, and proceeded to fill them from my right arm which is the only arm left with a vein wiling enough to display itself sufficiently so that some blood can be taken, the left one having withdrawn itself sometime ago between previous cannulas, blood letting and CT Scans. 


After she and the doctor had left, I began thinking how ironic my life has ended up! Was this the very same person sat here resembling some kind of mauve and yellow pin cushion, who had to lay down in a near feint at work when younger before receiving her first flu jab? Had someone said to me then that I would end up having a daily injection for six months solid and not bat an eyelid, would I have believed them?  I wonder….


Jabbing Time.


On Friday, we went down to the doctors for our annual combined flu and swine flu jab.  In hindsight, maybe I should have mentioned to the nurse who administered my jab that I was feeling ‘under the weather’ with a sore throat.  As usual I kept Mum.  K had hers done first.  She always gets in a bit of a state over it and then afterwards always says “Oh that was nothing!”  Every year.  The nurses always find her hilarious.  Later that day, I began to feel ‘off’.  One minute I felt cold, the next minute hot.

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Wet and Windy

Ventured out yesterday (though I nearly forgot I’d made the appointment! Good job K has a fairly good memory) to take K down to the doc’s for her check up.  It was wet and windy. I took some shots as we ventured down to town which I am showing here in a Live Writer Photo Album.


I was horrified to see that they are already accepting appointments for the flu jab! Cripes! It only seems like last month that we had our last flu jab done!

Time just flies by lately, when your young and foolish and wishing you were grown up it drags, when your getting on in years and wishing you could be young again it flies!

Thereby proving (to me at any rate) that time really is relative.

TG   Surprised smile