The Journey Home.

I had kept the card for the taxi firm who had brought us to the Holiday park from Hayle, and so we rang them to come and pick us up to take us to the railway station because it was such a steep hill up to the station and would have been an effort for me to make with the suitcase.  As it turned out, we were there with plenty of time to kill before our train was due to arrive.  I was quite amused by the fact that you had to actually walk across the lines to get to our platform, a little discerning when you realise that most of the trains using this stretch tend to be express trains!

Hayle railway station.

I wiled away the time taking photos of the abundant flora that grew alongside our platform and also had a jog up and down from end to end. Eventually our train arrived and we made our way to our reserved seats for the journey to Birmingham New Street.  On arrival there, I was pleased that our train to Leeds was actually due in on the same platform so we didn’t have any changing of platforms to do, always a worry for me when you have suitcase and Kerri in tow and your in an unfamiliar station.

Our next train arrived on time and again, we made our way to our reserved seats. It was the train to Glasgow Central. Sigh.  I love Cross Country trains, they are always clean and tidy, and the staff are always friendly.

Soon we were seeing the familiar sight of Leeds station, and we caught our train home, where I rang for our usual taxi firm to collect us for the last leg.  What a wonderful holiday! Okay, the weather could have been kinder, but it turned out to be exactly as I had always imagined it would be, and I am so glad that I have had the chance to stay in Cornwall.  Enjoy my last shots taken of Hayle Station and our train etc.


A holiday of a lifetime, on our way.

I’ve always wanted to go to Cornwall, and during my battle with cancer last year I vowed that this year we would go there for a holiday. At last we set off on Friday the 25th May for a week in a holiday home at Riviere Sands near Hayle, travelling via my favourite mode of transport the train. After catching a train from our local station to Leeds we arrived early, in fact we could have caught the earlier train to Plymouth at 09.10am and as it turned out we might have been better to have done just that.

Our train arrives.

Wiling the time away whilst we waited for our train, we had a drink from the Pumpkin cafe on the station platform, Kerri having her usual hot chocolate whilst I had a decaf cappuccino. After what seemed like an age, our train finally pulled into platform 12 and we settled down into our seats for the long journey to Plymouth. Despite the fact that it was quite warm outside, we were nice and cool thanks to the air conditioning in the coach. I’d also been helped to get my suitcase onto the train and in the luggage rack by a nice young man and in fact our journey down to Cornwall has helped restore my faith in human kindness, as we received help every time we had to get the suitcase off or on the train. Either that, or I looked so feeble and old that they took pity on me!

As we neared Plymouth, we were held up by approximately half an hour due to signalling problems and we missed our connection with the Great Western train to Hayle. They did contact the station at Plymouth and ask if the train could be held up until ours arrived, but they wouldn’t wait, so once we all embarked at Plymouth with now another hour nearly to wait, we were all compensated with a ticket for free drinks for our trouble, and handed a compensation claim to make to Cross Country trains. However, this was actually not fair in my view, as it wasn’t the fault of Cross Country trains, it was a Network Rail problem.

At least we had plenty of time for a toilet break whilst we waited. Trouble was, we were not going to be arriving at Hayle station until roughly 20.00pm or thereabouts. I just hoped that someone would be available to give us our van keys at the holiday camp once we finally arrived. Just in case, I rang the office ( I had the booking papers with me which contained their phone number) and warned them that it would probably be after 20.00pm before we arrived, and I was assured that someone would be manning the desk to give out the keys.

First Great Western HST

At last the Great Western train arrived and we all piled on with our luggage. Again I received help with our suitcase and we settled down for the remainder of our journey. The coach that we had chosen happened to not have its air conditioner working, so again all passengers in the coach were given free drinks. Hmm. Good job we have had a toilet break I thought as we journeyed along. Eventually we arrived at Hayle station. It was a steep walk down to the town itself from the station, and from there I rang for a taxi after getting the number from a passer-by.  It was about a 10 to 15 minute drive from the station to the holiday park. Sure enough a member of staff was manning the office and handed us our keys after marking down on the map of the park where our particular van was.

The kitchen.

By now, both of us were just about managing to keep upright. I was tired and so was Kerri, but we mustered forth all of our remaining resources and found our new home for the week.  First job, cup of refreshing tea!  It was just a good job that I had had the foresight to bring some teabags with me and the man in the office kindly lent us some milk, as the park Spar shop was closed. After that we emptied the suitcase and put everything in its allotted place. Whoever had cleaned the van had forgotten the sheets and pillowcases for Kerri’s single bed, so I had to return to the office to get some for her before we could make her bed up. Hmm.

Before you could say ‘Jack Robinson’ we were both attired in our jimjams and ready for bed! What a day! I do know this, there is no way would I ever contemplate driving all the way to Cornwall from Leeds even if I could drive, and it makes you realise just how big our country is. It was bed at 10.00 and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep. We would have to go exploring the park and our surroundings tomorrow.


An enjoyable run-around.

Yesterday we went on one of our much missed run arounds. We haven’t been doing any since my operation in February. As it was such a glorious sunny day, we decided it was about time we did another one, if only to see how Bradford has changed since our last visit there. Beginning with the usual bus ride to Bradford, where we noticed that the route the bus used to take in order to arrive at the Interchange had now been blocked off to make a pedestrian precinct in front of the Town Hall. On arriving at the Interchange we proceeded to walk towards Forster Square. The area previously intended for a new shopping centre has temporarily been made into a park of some sort. Hmm. Lack of money apparently.

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Another Runaround. (illustrated.)

First leg by busAs my philosophy is ‘don’t waste those gorgeous days of sunshine’ we set off on one of our runarounds yesterday. The sky was cloud free, we were both armed with our trusty cameras and although K had planned to mooch around all day in her pyjamas watching her recordings, she eagerly embraced my idea to venture forth for a days journey via our usual transport, namely the bus and train.. It ended with both of us stuffing ourselves with calorie laden delights. (as usual!)

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Rules of etiquette for train travel.

This particular post has been solely prompted after reading an excellent post on the subject from another WordPress blogger. You can read his thoughts HERE on rules that he feels should be observed when travelling on a train. As he is only 22 years of age and a therefore a mere whippersnapper, his etiquette rules, although I do agree with most of them, do not exactly fit my bill as the ideal ‘code of conduct’ for train travel. So with that thought in mind I have decided to add some of my own train travel etiquette rules.  Of course, he may simply spend most of his journey time on short commuter journeys whereas most of mine of late have tended to be of a fairly long duration. Anyway, less of the blathering and onto my rules for train travel.

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My Visit to Scotland. The journey home.

Wednesday morning arrived far too soon. It was time to pack my suitcase after taking Sandy for an early morning walk around the estate. At least one was going to miss me even if the cats were glad to see me depart! They usually sleep in the bedroom, but I don’t let them come in as I shut the door, so they are really pleased to see the back of me.

The two boys take over the dog bedSandy refuses to have a photo taken

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My Visit to Scotland.



Last Friday I made a much longed for return trip up to see my eldest son and his family in Scotland. K had been despatched to respite care on the Thursday, a day earlier than she normally goes, but I really didn’t want to undergo the same nerve wracking experience we went through last year when the Access bus was late picking her up, and I had a train to catch!  I set off from home at ten past ten, and after buying a salad from Hartley’s to take with me for my lunch on the train journey up to Carlisle, I made my way to our train station to catch the 11.58am to Leeds. Continue reading

Quest to renew a railcard.

We set off on one of our quests yesterday.  To renew my Senior railcard to be exact.  Well that was my reason but as it turned out, an Angry Whopper meal figured largely in K’s quest.  As is usual for us two intrepid adventurers, rather than simply go to the nearest train station to carry out this task,  we  made a meal of it and toured West Yorkshire. Well maybe not quite the whole of West Yorkshire but a huge big two cities and a town part of it.

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A Successful Quest !

In direct contrast to Saturdays venture to buy the train tickets for our upcoming journey to visit my eldest son and his family, see  A Wasted Day… again! or the quest for the rail tickets. today was very successful despite the fact that I have returned home with rather more than I bargained for!  I didn’t hold out much hope of everything running smoothly though as we really did seem to have a lot of ‘must do’s’ and ‘have to’s’ incorporated into today’s outing but everything went according to plan!

Firstly we walked down to the doctors to leave a repeat prescription for my tablets, then we ventured into the Post Office where I returned a parcel via special delivery to, who had sent me two copies of ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ by mistake, and they have promised to reimburse me for the cost of the return.

Our station platform Then a swift walk to the station as we didn’t have much time before the Leeds train was due, which incidentally was accompanied by lots of grumbling and muttering under her breath from K as we went. (she hates when we have to walk fairly fast, keeps saying her legs are too short)  We arrived at the station just in time to catch the train to Leeds.  Arriving  at our destination, we then proceeded through the ticket stalls to the Travel Centre, joining the queue to book and pay for our tickets.   As it came to our turn, two of the staff promptly closed their positions! (Obviously they had heard all about us!) but we were soon attended to by another member of staff who was obviously of much stronger constitution than her male colleagues!  

I had taken a printout of the Leeds/Carlisle/Glasgow route with me to show whoever was dealing with us (see, on the ball for once today with brain functioning at near full capacity!) but the girl informed me that although she could book that route if I insisted,  it was much slower and in addition, if we missed our connection in Carlisle we would have ages to wait for the next one as they were fairly infrequent.  So I accepted her superior knowledge on the subject and  we are now going via York both on the journey up and the one coming back.  The total cost came to £70.00 which isn’t too bad in my opinion.  Also our seats are reserved on all trains both outbound and return which then guarantees us a seat.

Leeds station from the train. By this time it was about 12.00 or thereabouts and we decided return via Huddersfield and have another search for a larger crossover style bag for me in Marks and Sparks.  A quick lunch in MickyD’s (I  must remember to take out some shares in McDonalds as K and I seem to be spending quite a fair amount of time in there lately!)  I had my usual Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and a tea, and K had a Chicken Legend with potato wedges instead of chips accompanied by her usual Still Fanta Orange with no ice. 

Then onward to Marks and Spencer’s to have a look at their crossover bags.  They were very nice but a trifle too small for my liking, nor did they have a lot of separate compartments inside either ( a big plus with me) so we decided to take a look in British Home Stores.  It was here that I found a fairly roomy crossover bag which was just up my street, and also obtained a new addition to our family!   When we went to the desk to pay for the bag, the assistant informed me that I could have one of the cuddly toys that were randomly scattered all around the store for a special price, as I had spent over £10.00, so meet teddy!   He has his own passport (no good ending up living with us two then as we have never been abroad and have no intentions of going anytime in the near future thereby rendering his passport obsolete!)

Can you see his passport? I can’t think of a name for him at the moment, K suggested ‘Spike’ because his hair is stuck up according to her.  Oh, and she won’t want him, she doesn’t like cuddly toys full stop!  I have ended up with the tiger that I bought for her because every time I went into her bedroom, he had been thrown onto the floor and I felt so sorry for him that he now resides on my bed.  So, a new addition to our already overcrowded flat!  He is cute though, they all had different coloured scarves on and I preferred the cream coloured one.  Mind you I have to confess that once outside the shop, he ended up being stuffed roughly into K’s backpack with K and myself looking round furtively just to make sure we wouldn’t be accosted by the ‘Cruelty to Teddy Bears’ association.

Then back home on the bus, a couple of hours to catch our breaths, then into track suits and off out again to our exercise class.  K had forgotten most of the exercises and ended up the session by making everyone laugh as she sang to to the music using a weight in her hand as a pretend microphone.  So after a tiring but fruitful day I am just enjoying a nice hot cuppa that K has made for me whilst finishing off this blog.  A most successful quest all in all,  with much accomplished I think.

So that’s all for now, keep blogging and reading!  TG  smile_yawn

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