Sunshine Saturday.

After being left on my own following K’s departure for a shopping spree with her Dad, I decided not to waste the first day of summer sunshine we have experienced since June and go on a walk. A photo shoot walk. After all, when better to take one’s camera with you than when the sun is shining and all the colours look so bright and shiny?  Besides which, being in the sun makes me feel so much better about the world. I feel happier, sunnier, warmer, brighter and far more able to cope with the trials and tribulations that life has a tendency to throw at you now and again. Setting off by walking through the cemetery might not at first appear such a bright idea seeing as I will no doubt be permanently housed there at some point in the near future, but it is a shortcut to where I had decided to begin my walk, and strangely enough was fairly busy this morning full of other people deciding to do exactly the same thing.

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