A Mystery Tour



On Monday we were taken on a tour. A tour around a building I have never ever set foot in before but where I will soon be residing for a whole week. Modern and only completed a few years ago, it towers above you like some huge ships funnel. It is a very busy building, well used with lot’s of people entering and leaving via its various exits and not only via the ground floor.  A lovely lady by the name of Penny was our tour guide for the day. She was dressed in a fetching blue outfit, and was all smiles as she showed us around the very attractive surroundings.

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A Ramble around our Estate.

I’ve been on a ramble this morning. (Anything to get out of doing the boring housework.) Took me camera with me with the sole aim or capturing some of my favourite blossom trees (Oh no! Not some more blasted blossom trees! says my thoroughly bored of bloody blossom trees reader) Hey, I promise these are the very last one’s I will take, alright?

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