A Snails Tail.


Every time I went out to the dustbin area where we stash our recycle refuse, I kept wondering why I seemed to be getting an accumulation of snails hanging out there. Walking up the walls, lounging in the plastic bottle bag, waiting patiently in the glass and tin container box, and even residing inside the green newspapers and cardboard bag.  What was it about my particular dustbin area that seemed to encourage them to head there? 

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A Swimming Pool update. (for anyone in the least bit interested.)

For all those readers who are in the least bit interested in news of any progress regarding our long awaited Swimming Pool, read on, for the rest of you who couldn’t care less about it and are fed up to the back teeth of reading about it,  saunter off somewhere else..

Well, I am very pleased to report to my two regular readers that things have moved on in leaps and bounds since my last post about our long awaited new Swimming Pool!  Remember my last pictures?  A bleak and empty vista of not very much at all being gazed on by a bemused K, who couldn’t quite fathom what we were supposed to be looking at seeing as there was nothing there?

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