A lonesome Easter walk.

I’ve been on a walk. A rather lonesome walk taken to blow some of the cobwebs of indoors away and freshen up my lungs. A walk I have taken alone before and one that is fairly safe for a lone female, passing as it does amongst bungalows and houses full of people no doubt making the best of their Easter break.

Firstly I briskly walk past the ponies in the field stood waiting for their treats from passing children and their parents. The weather overhead is cloudy with occasional glimpses of a weak sun trying desperately to battle its way through. A gentle wind tugs at the ponies mane as he patently waits at the fence.

Windswept pony

I cross the road and begin the climb up Catherine Slack. Every time I walk up this road I always wonder who she was. A woman of ill repute? There are many Catherine Slacks available if you decide to do a search, she’s even on Facebook! Hmm.

I spy a bank of buttercups at the side of the road. If there are many buttercups its supposed to be a sign of a very hot summer…….or so my mother used to say.  One of the newly built houses is now for sale, though I can’t quite make out if its the show house or one that has not yet been completed. Whoever buys one will have some wonderful views across the valley.


Continuing on past the golf course where you can enjoy a Sunday Carvery for £10 and get another free at the Rookery Restaurant. Tempting.  Onward towards my two favourite houses, one of which I will definitely buy if ever I am lucky enough to win the lottery.

Giles house is tucked away from the road in such a way that you cannot see it in all its glory without entering the gates and drive, where you would definitely be visible from the house and probably considered a trespasser or worse. Not wanting to be arrested for loitering I have had to resort to stealing this picture of the house from the internet where it was available to buy as recently as last year for about £900,000 and unfortunately as that is somewhat out of my current spending league I had to give it a miss. Still, there’s nought wrong with dreaming as they say…….


Onward then past my other lovely house Lower Edge house, which is no doubt in the same price bracket, and then up the slight incline of Finkel Street. Where do some of these streets get their names from I wonder? A small white poodle stares out from one of the houses as I past by, so still that at first glance I take it for a china ornament.  Now I am on the homeward stretch going down towards the cemetery, which these days is looking so so forlorn and unkempt. I can remember when a head groundsman actually lived in the large house at the entrance and the whole cemetery was kept so tidy and well looked after. Now because of the usual cutbacks and other demands for council money, its become overgrown and full of weeds. Its such a shame. Its still there though, as a timely reminder to all who reside near its locale that none of us are here forever.

I arrive back at my abode, refreshed and ready for my lunch.