Change of Theme (Again!)

Sorry everyone, I’m at it again, changing the theme of my WordPress blog! I do prefer wider themes, simply because if you then include a picture in your post, you can show a larger size and more importantly, you can fit more words onto a line! This new theme is far wider. Mind you, its not perfect, I prefer a larger title and header the fonts used are far too small! So, until I get fed up of this one, your all stuck with it! Sorry!


I’m at it again!

No, your not seeing things! No your eyesight hasn’t gone A-wol nor have you stumbled onto the wrong blog by mistake, it’s all my fault, I’ve changed my theme. Actually I can lay the blame firmly at the door of the WordPress Theme Team who have been at it again and found another lovely theme with which to tempt us users with. I love this one! I love the background image, the lovely large text which is so easy to read, I love everything about it.

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One of those days………

I’ve had one of those days today. Again. But I intend to end it all on a positive note by being generous and creative by sharing some of my all time favourite shots in a Windows 7 theme that I will share with everyone. Not that I think my photos I take are good enough, but some aren’t all that bad.  I might call it TG’s summer theme. I need to do something worthwhile to end my horrible day!

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This Theme is not Looking right in Writer!

Hmm, this theme is not looking as it should in Live Writer edit screen! It’s right over to the left hand side! Blimey! Do I try and correct it or leave it as it is? Decisions decisions. Mind you I am left handed so I suppose that’s something at least. The default text in this theme, which by the way will from now on be the default theme for WordPress. com is rather large. (good for us with dippy eyesight I suppose!.)

Is the title supposed to be so red? Doesn’t look right with my colour scheme! I had better take a look at some of the other posters on here who have used this theme. Check whether or not its just me.


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