A Quest for some bath mats.

Only title I could come up with and highly deceptive seeing as we haven’t got a bath. Remember last week folks when I was bored and fed up with nothing to do and moaning and groaning all week about it? All that is now over, I’m now back to being dragged out of doors on any pretext, come rain or come shine, whether ill or well.

Despite the black looking clouds and the fact that from dawn this morning until ten or thereabouts it had poured down none stop, I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear my summer sandals for my enforced outing today.

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Keeping it under wraps!

Remember everyone how I had to pick a parcel up this morning?  You know, the one that arrived during one of the rare occasions that we venture outside?   Well after K had been picked up for Day Care, I set off in high spirits to walk down to the Post Office depot to collect said parcel.  It’s quite a walk, and although the sun wasn’t shining at least it wasn’t raining . On the way there I have to walk past the area where our new Swimming pool and leisure complex is being built. Hmm that’s strange I thought to myself as I walked past, why have they put up a wall completely surrounding the build? Don’t they want us residents to catch a glimpse of it’s emergence as a building and its growth as they create it?  Don’t they realise just how long we have all waited for this Swimming Pool and how eager we are to see its completion? 

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