It’s wear and tear.


Woke up this morning and could hardly walk. I must have twisted my knee yesterday though I don’t remember doing so. We walked down to do our shopping as usual, and it definitely didn’t do the twisted knee any good doing so.  The  shopping trip  proved to be a real pain as I spent the entire merry-go-round clinging to the trolley limping along like Hopalong Cassidy. My face must have looked  a picture judging by the looks from other shoppers.  Didn’t stop them walking in front of me to reach an item from a shelf though, limping along  or not.

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Railway Sculptures.

This post is for fotdmike so that he can see one of the Railway Sculptures ‘close up’ and personal. Actually I thought that I had more photos of them than this one, but so far this is the only one I can find……hmm.  Might have to go on a search online of flickr and my SkyDrive photos.

This sculpture incorporates old railway tracks

He has taken old rails, inserted them into the surrounding pavement/walk area, then twisted them into this shape. The fibre glass ‘tubes’ at the top light up at night as do the arches behind.  However, don’t expect this Granny to go waltzing down here at night to take a photo of it all lit up!  I wouldn’t even consider it unless accompanied by several  burly six foot  escorts.

Hang on whilst I search …………

Sculptures at Forster Square

Ah! Here’s another one where I seem to be intent on including the signpost in as well for good measure.

You might also be interested in reading some gumph about them, you know, who’s idea they were, why they are there, what was there before, that sort of stuff.  Hmm, sorry, this was all I could find but at least it gives you SOME info about them. Apparently they are called ‘Fibres’

The old railway arches at Forster Square

Here’s some more pictures of them that I have scoured around and found. I am sure I took at least a hundred or more because every time we go passed them I take a shot of them.

K poses next to a Sculpture

Looks like this one was taken in the depths of winter judging by K’s sheepskin attire and hat.

I love these scuptures!  

Wow!  That’s a first!  Nearly captured them here with  just one person in shot!  Not often you get it so quiet around that area!  Hmm. Was I there at 06.00am in the morning or something?  Seems like I will just have to take lot’s more the next time we are in the vicinity of Forster Square.


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