An unwelcome visitor

As I awoke the other morning, I suddenly realised I was not alone in my bedroom. An unwelcome visitor was perched above my bed. It had cunningly placed itself right in the join where the wall butts up to the ceiling. It was a huge spider. It didn’t appear as if it had any intentions of moving, such as descending onto my bed or skittering along the wall, but I do take umbrage to any creature who decides to enter my bedroom uninvited. They are not welcome, especially when poised over my place of refuge. However, the method of disposal needed a great deal of thought on my part.

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Yesterday and today.

Yesterday the plumber finally  arrived. It turned out to be one half of the A team. Remember? The duo who on seeing the amount of work involved in sorting out the leak last time promptly scarpered off on holiday? He’s lost his trusty sidekick. Apparently because the young un had completed his second year at college, The housing association could not afford to keep him on and so he’s been finished. This led to a lengthy discussion between us both about the sad demise of apprenticeships and who was going to do all the plumbing, electrics and joinery jobs when the older guys retire.

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Nothing to see here……

Looking down on the M62

Nothing much to post about. K toddled off to respite on Friday. (In a taxi) I busied myself tidying up the flat, mainly out of boredom. Saturday morning donned my new walking boots and moseyed down to town to meet the other members of C.R.E.W. We walked up Thornhills and then across Hartshead Moor area. Hadn’t a clue where we were. We did cross the M62 at one point. I took a photo of the traffic. Well, not so much the traffic, more the perspective of the road disappearing into the distance I suppose. Experienced one of my funny turns walking over the footbridge on our return journey over the footbridge later.

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