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Who the heck am I?

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Good question, and one to which even I do not know the exact answer. I’m a mother to three, two boys and a girl, a grandma to three, two boys and a girl (see a pattern emerging here?) and breaking up that pattern slightly, I have a younger sister and  brother who do their very best to avoid me if they can.  Tried marriage twice before I learned my lesson. (always was slow to take a hint) I think my nearest and dearest all think I am slightly bonkers and eccentric into the bargain.  I can’t for the life of me imagine why!  Mind you I am the first port of call if they need any help with setting up or choosing a new TV, which equipment or phone they should buy or sorting out their computers when they are playing up.  It’s often the only time I get to see some of them!

Here are some of my interests. Trains, steam trains, murder mystery’s, forensics, av equipment, walking, playing RPG’s, photography, computers, blogging, music, films,grumbling, ranting. See! Nothing strange about me is there?

I will confess to having a ‘flip flop’ mentality where I lunge from giggling and acting like a schoolgirl to being in the depths of despair, which if I was granted just one wish by some kind fairy godmother to be able to change any aspect of myself,  it would be that.  I also suffer fools gladly (typical Aries if you believe that sort of thing) and my main pet hate about other people is if they can’t be bothered to learn to do things for themselves, but simply sit back and let others do everything for them.  I am and always have been very independent which probably goes some way to  explaining why both of my attempts at marriage were doomed to failure. 

In fact, the only person who seems to be able to tolerate me for any length of time (although even she has to escape to respite every so often in order to calm her frayed and frazzled nerves) is my ever tolerant easy going daughter.  Both of my son’s can manage to tolerate me for short spells, but as they are both Gemini’s ( see your nearest Astrologer for info about Aries people and Gemini’s) we do tend to clash after a period of close proximity lasting more than a few hours, so we have learned over the years to keep it to the occasional phone call or once a year visit, and even then they don’t always bother answering the phone when they see the word Mum displayed on the screen. 

That’s about all there is to know really, bet you wish now you hadn’t bothered wondering who the heck I was now don’t you?

TG  Who me?

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29 thoughts on “Who the heck am I?

  1. Ahh! So glad that someone finds me funny and not an eccentric old duffer. At last! Someone who understands me! Hurrah! Where’s that bottle of Zinfandel K? Oh blast!
    I drank it all whilst watching Nadal win the Wimbledon final. Oh well, a cup of tea will have to suffice.
    thanks for the compliment Julie, much appreciated I assure you.

      • Zinfandel is another well-behaved sort of grape that doesn’t give me a migraine… and you seem perfectly normal to me, so I’ll raise a glass to you any time you like!

  2. Oh. You got me with that astrology. I don’t believe it, but am a Gemini born May 31 who married three times. My second husband was March 23rd Aries. I had two children with him and the marriage lasted eight years. I remarried a loving widower with three children who was born on June 23rd. He’s been a keeper for 38 years. My ex-husband was a heavy smoker and passed away on December 1, 2006. It was the sixth birthday of our youngest grandson. If you smoke, try to quit.

    Want to learn more about me? Please go to http://ellenkimball.blogspot.com Nice to meet you via the ‘Net.

    • Thank you Ellen for your comment. You did well to last for eight years a Gemini and an Aries! My two sons can’t last for eight minutes with their Aries mother! Your new hubby was a Gemini like yourself I see. I do believe in it. K is a Leo, she is a definite example of a typical Leo, born actress, likes to always be in the limelight at every opportunity, and we do get on (Aries and Leo I mean.) Will pay your blog a visit Ellen as I am also to be found on Blogger as well. ( can’t keep a good Granny down on the internet and I tend to pop up all over the place.

  3. Who the heck are you? You’re one of my favorite people in all the world—that’s who you are—now watch for my email—there’s a halloween treat for K in it.

    • Wow! I won’t be able to get through the door soon, my head will have swelled so much! Thank you Cass, I do try to please! I will show K when she returns from her break away from her mother……………..:)

  4. Well Hello to you! You’re funny (humorous people view life the way it should be….a fun ride!) … full of spunk and wit… and you’re cute! You’re a total package and you know something, we have much in common too – right down to the fact that I have been linked to ‘the ball-and-chain’ twice too, almost three times but God showed me mercy… or did he show her mercy?!? Hey… I am a Grandpoppi of just one grandbaby girl, soon to be two! (Son owes me major $$$ for condoms he never used. Uuugh!)

    By the way, you are more than welcome to join our “Grumble Grumble Growl Hiss Bitch Whine Piss Moan Club”. I have to warn you though, not many people listen but damn do we feel good afterwards!! 🙂

  5. Greetings to you … May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holiday Season and throughout the coming new year. Some people celebrate Christmas and some do not. Despite one’s own beliefs and traditions, I find that at this time of year, it’s almost as if ‘something or someone’ waves a magical wand over most of the world… and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. Cheers to Wonderful!
    My gift to you—> http://i54.tinypic.com/14vmufq.gif

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    • Ahh! You have to use Windows Live Writer Kevin to compose your posts. You can use your chosen font in that (so install it on your computer so its available in Writer) and then compose your post using that font. Then publish.

      • Ohh It was easier than I thought…
        Thanks so much!
        I always saw Windows Live Writer, when I installed the MSN, but never I tried with it.
        Thanks again for help me. 🙂

  7. Are all bloggers as funny as you? I’ve only recently got into this blogging lark, and yours gave me a real laugh. Carry on the good work (ranting, as you call it)!

  8. You are awesome! If I can’t find out what I am looking for in WordPress help section, then I come here to look through your blog! So I should Thank You, although I haven’t needed your help yet! lol.
    Just the same you are down right amazing!
    Now I got to find out how you have some of the stuff you do in your layout….

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