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The saddest news….

Hello to everyone who followed my Mum’s blog’s.  I had no idea she was so popular.  I am incredibly sad to inform you that my wonderful Mum has passed away.  She died peacefully in the early hours of Tuesday Morning 21st May 2013 after a long battle with cancer.

My name is Craig Dyson, Mum’s oldest son, and although I have no words to describe how sad we all are at her passing, I will try and do my best to do my Mum’s blog proud when bringing it to an end.

I have a confession to make that I did not even know she had done this blog and I have not even read anything from it as yet, but rest assured I will spend the next few days chuckling though it.  Her funeral will be held in sunny Brighouse on Monday 3rd June at 13:30.  My brain is fuzzy still, but I will let people know where the place is.  Anyway sorry to bring you all this news, I will try and compose something fitting to honour my Mum.

13 thoughts on “The saddest news….

  1. Thank you Craig for sharing this sad news. Your mum, known to thousands as “technogran”, or “T.G.” was a pioneer, mentor, and friend to a world-wide community. Her technical skills and especially her way with words made many a computer chore easy to understand. She also shared her charming and delightful personal side and showed exemplary strength in her struggle with cancer. Her loss will be shared by all of us who followed her blogs (there are several, here and at Blogger). She will be missed. We cannot come to say our last good byes, but be assured that we are with you and your family in our thoughts.

  2. My condolences and thank you for letting us know. She will be missed. She always struck me as brave, strong, and caring. I always enjoyed her postings and following her and K on their trips.

  3. Craig, your Mum was a very special person and I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am that she has lost her fight. I got a lot of pleasure in following her blogs whether it was as T.G or as Sandra on Facebook, she had a wonderful way of taking us with her on her journeys, I guess that if she could she would have blogged about the journey she is on now.
    You, Kerri and all of Sandra’s family will be in our thoughts.
    We will miss her.

  4. I’m so very sorry to hear this,Craig. We had been internet friends for many years and her enthusiasm for technology has inspired me. I only clicked on her Flickr page yesterday to see if there was anything new as I hadn’t heard her for a while. Her smiles and her love for her family will be sadly missed. Thinking of you all x

  5. Your mum’s blog shamed mine. While I took the piss out of my world, she bravely and honestly outlined her own with great humour and grace.
    Sometimes what she wrote made me cry it was so bleak and scary. Yet she seemed to always make room for hope and a laugh.
    I’m just a stranger on the other side of the world but I hope TG’s family and friends find some joy in the knowledge that she was such a global lady. She sometimes made my day.

  6. I know your Mum personally and her blogs were written with the same humour and warmth she showed in ‘real’ life, as Meatloaf says ‘Read ’em and weep’ I have re-read them since she passed away and one never fails to bring me to tears having a daughter with Downs Syndrome myself, you will realise which it is when you read it. Much love to your family at this sad time x

  7. I am so sorry to hear this most saddest of news Craig, please accept my sincere condolences. She shared her humour at life online to so many people. She will definitely be sorely missed. Our thoughts will be with you and your family. xx

  8. So very very sorry for such sad news. I valued my online friendship with this wonderful inspiring lady. She always had time for me in private messages when she and my daughter were having chemo and for my disabled grand daughter with a syndrome.
    It felt like being on the seat next to her on all her and Kerri’s jaunts on train journeys, meals out and even sitting waiting for a bus to yet another hospital appointment. Sandra filled her days and our screens with so much and never a sulk or complaint of what she was enduring. Farewell dear friend ………

  9. So very sorry to hear the sad news, Craig. I shall miss her very much. Her total lack of self-pity shone out, and she managed to extract so much from her situation with humour and grace. Thinking of you all, especially Kerri.

  10. I’m sure all of us on here will have many lovely memories of Sandra’s travels, not forgetting the stops for ‘nosh-ups to help sustain herself and K . I have followed her, as have others from Spaces days. She will be sadly missed.

  11. Craig, my deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mother. We just recently lost a dear friend to this terrible disease. I was another fellow blogger who so enjoyed your mother’s directness and honesty in sharing so much of herself through her various blogs. It seems we come to “know” fellow bloggers and it’s a sad day when we lose a friend. Your sister, Kerri, was always such an important part of many of the stories and I will keep her and your family in my thoughts and prayers at this very sad time.

  12. I just saw this today. I haven’t kept up in the blogging world much lately as I’m just too busy. I have been following Sandra since the “Windows Live Spaces” days, and have exchanged messages with her several times over the years. She was really a wonderful and witty person, and she will be missed by many. So long TG!

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